Open The Door To Possibility


Recently through various introductions, one of which happened in an emergency room, I shared with a friend my desire to do a TED talk.

And so I got a referral.

It got me thinking about how important it is to stay open to new possibilities that arise in our life.

Many of you have heard about my new book, “Autobiography of a Naked Yogi” and one of the central themes of that book is this idea that luck doesn’t really happen in life, but it’s doors that open for us in life.

Many people say to me “Aaron, you’re so lucky! How did you get so lucky to have all these amazing things happen to you?” And well, what really happened is more that doors opened and I walked through them.

So many doors are constantly opening for us.

One the biggest problems is that we don’t actually see the doors. A lot of the time doors are opening and we don’t even see that they are there.

How do you stay open to possibility?

Challenge yourself to commit to doing your yoga practice. Doing your yoga practice allows you to stay more aware.

Practice gratitude. Be really grateful for what you have.

Push yourself to step out of the box on what you think is comfortable. Take risks. The more risks you take the more you start to see these doors that are actually opening for you (instead of completely missing them).


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