How To Find Your Yoga Practice – Pick One Practice And Stick To It


Video Transcript:How To Find Your Yoga Practice

It’s important to pick a practice and just do it, focus on it.

Picking many practices can get us more distracted and creates more chaos in our mind.

Pick a practice, focus on one thing and get really good at it.

No practices are right or wrong, but different practices yeld different results, and that’s okay.

A teacher or guru will prescribe the sort of practice that you need at any given time.

A techer is someone who understands and has practices, and has really embodied them and understood them.

No practice is right or wrong.

Take the practices that you are doing and really apply them, don’t just go from one thing to another thing.


Candle gazing is one of my favorite practices, it’s very potent.

It opens us the third eye and really opens up the third eye chakra, the Ajna Chakra.

It gives a gift of clairvoyance and clarity and by opening up the sixth chakra you open up all of the chakras. Many of the char practices start for the Ajna chakra. And it also helps open us the Sarasara.

Best to practice in the morning at dark before the sun rises, you can start doing it for five minutes and then work your way up to 10/15 minutes. If you’re not sitting still and are used to this practice,start with less time.

The candle should be one arm’s distance away from your eyes, at eye level, keep your eyes open, gaze into the candle, try not to blink, wait until your eyes start to water and then see if you can retain the color you see and the flame as the image of the sixth chakra.

If you lose concentration keep your eyes on the flame, but you are really looking at the candle and somewhere else.

It’s very investing to notice how the mind wonders, and this is a reason why this practice is so potent to develop concentration, because you are asked to remain present in what you are doing, and you can see how you disappear from the present.

This practice really brings awareness to how hard it is to stay present.

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