Yogi Aaron Living A Life Of Freedom 

How To Finally Live A Life of Complete Freedom


How would you like to have the ability to do anything you want to do in your life? To go ANYWHERE you want to go? To be ANYTHING you want to be?

You can do anything and be anything you want. You know you can!

And of course, you have heard this before. You have heard it so many times before that you are sick of hearing it.


Because you have already tried to understand yourself. You have already tried to do things a different way. You have already worked on achieving your goals but you have failed. Now you are too embarrassed to try again.

And you don’t know why you keep failing.

Yoga gives us the answers and solutions to this and life’s other problems. The answers are clear and simple.

The answers lie in the fact that we don’t know ourselves. And this unknowingness creates a ton of problems for us.

In Sanskrit, this unknowingness or inability to know and understand is called Avidya.

Avidya means ignorance. We are ignorance of our true and highest nature. And because of Avidya, we continue to live our lives in a box.

Every one of us is living life inside a box of our own creation. The box is of our own design. We are the architects of our own cage.

But the inherent problem is that we do not even know what this box is. We do know or understand its borders, its size, its dimensions. We don’t even know it is there.

We don’t see it. We don’t sense it. We don’t even know what form it is. Because we are ignorant.

We are ignorant because we don’t even know it is there.

Until, that is, we DO know it is there.

The goal of yoga is to undo our Avidya. The goal of yoga is to undo our unknowingness. Once this happens we become liberated and uncaged.

The day we see the box we are living in is the day we can begin to make great changes in our lives.

On my own journey, people always say to me, “Aaron, how come you are so lucky?” or “Aaron, how is it possible that so many doors opened for you?”

Yes, the doors opened for me in my life. But here is the thing. I saw the doors open and I walked through them.

So can you!!!


Yogi Aaron Autobiography of a Naked Yogi


Doors are opening in everyone’s life! Doors are opening for you all the time!

A big door opened for me toward the end of the year 2000. The door was a desire to teach yoga somewhere in the world.

I had an enormous amount of desire to teach yoga. In fact, the desire was so enormous, it was all I could think about. I don’t know why I had this desire, only that I did. All I could think about was teaching yoga. I felt a deep calling.

This desire made my ears perk up one day when I heard a group of performers talking over lunch one day. The dancers and singers were performers on the cruise ship.

At the time, I was working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a scuba diving instructor. I was living the life I dreamed about. I was living and working in the Caribbean teaching scuba diving.

I was living in paradise.

But I was unhappy. I was feeling a deep yearning change my life, and move on to teach yoga.

The performers were talking about places they wanted to live and perform. And then something one of them said caught my attention. One of them said they were moving to New York.

I am not sure why, or how it happened, but all of a sudden I saw myself being a yoga teacher in New York. It was as if destiny was speaking through these group of performers, and beckoning me towards it.

I listened.

I dreamed.

I followed.

My favorite tarot card is The Fool. He holds his head high as he walks off a cliff, stepping into the clouds and the unknown that lies beyond.

I was the Fool on January 2, 2001. I arrived in New York City with $3,000 cash, two suitcases, and the notion that I could do anything. I didn’t know enough to be intimidated.

As I got off the train at Penn Station, a flurry of people–all with places to go–enveloped me. Of course, doubt crept in. Of course, I was scared. Of course, I kept hearing the words of “I can’t” surfacing and fear would overwhelm me.

But I was certain all would work out.

And it did!

I had stepped out of the box! I had lived my life out of the box.

I had taken a chance!

The box we live in dictates our habit patterns, which in turn dictates how we react to life. How we react to life forms our beliefs about the world. Our beliefs form our personality.

Our personality forms our destiny.

But so many of us don’t even know the box we live in. And thus, we don’t even begin to understand how to get out of a box that we don’t even know exists.

Your yoga practice is the key to unlocking the doorway of your conscious. Once awakened, it begins to shine the light of awareness in all the dark corners of your life. (Another word for avidya is darkness.)

Your yoga practice becomes a flashlight or lantern that removes the darkness. Your yoga practice shines the light of consciousness on the walls of your box. Even more, your yoga practice gives you the strength to tear those walls down.

Once consciousness awakens, you can start to see the box you are living in, and then make choices.

You can choose to stay in the box, or you can choose to get out of the box.

Unconscious habit patterns will no longer pull you this way or that way. You now can make choices.

You will know you have choices.

And you can choose to live out of the box!

But will you?


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Autobiography Of A Naked Yogi