Being a great yogi is about asking yourself: “How am I fulfilling the purpose of my life?”


Video Transcript: How Do We Practice Yoga?

One of the greatest questions we can ask ourselves in yoga is: “Who Am I?” “ What is my life’s purpose?” “How do I fulfill that purpose?”

Gandhi, who is one of the greatest yogis, never did asana yoga, the posture yoga, and he seldom meditated. In fact, he was not known to meditate.

Gandhi is just an example that teaches us that yoga is not a path of passivity nor is it the same path for everyone. Yoga is a path of action, a path of purpose, and a path of dedication.

Asana is one way to practice yoga. Asana is one of the ways on the yoga path.

But there are so many different asana practices, there are so many different pranayamas, there are so many breathing practices that are offered.

Ask yourself:

Where is your body?
Where is your breath?
Where are you now?

In the present and in the now is where the answers lie and where our true power is.


We want to cultivate our path by being still and by being easy.

And cultivating the place of real stillness that is now.

Your body is the altar of the now.

The body is one of the gateways of real, present connection.

As you practice today, check in with yourself. Fulfilling the purpose of your life is a constant process of checking in.

“How much am I playing to my ego?”
“How much am I connected to my breath?”
“How am I connected to my body?”

Honoring each moment is a yoga practice.

Honoring the body too, which is the altar of the present, is another yoga practice.


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