What We Can Learn From The Tides

It’s no secret that the moon is the ultimate puppet master behind the flow of our oceans. When the moon is full or new, the moon and sun are aligned with the earth to create an exceptionally strong force on the ocean’s tides. These tides are known as spring tides and vary from extremely high to extremely low tides. Meanwhile, when the moon is in quarter phases, the moon and sun work perpendicular to the earth causing the tides to be exceptionally weak. The tides are known as neap tides.

It is also no secret that we feel the affects of the moon most often during the new moon and full moon. Perhaps this is because our bodies are about 60% water.

Here, on the Osa Peninsula, we witness the retreat and emergence of the tides every day. The relationship between the gravitational pull of the moon and water invites us to embrace the ebb and flow of our own energetic fields. So, what can we as yogis learn from this natural phenomenon?

learn from the tides at Playa Tamales

The new moon tends to be a period that calls for introspection, beginnings, and withdrawal from heightened external stimuli. In comparison, the full moon tends to heighten emotions, the harvest of our work, and the ability to outwardly extend our energy. It is important to remember that when we confront our emotions, belief systems, and physical manifestations head-on, we are much more likely to move through difficult times with ease and learn what need to from these valuable teachers.

There are several tips to help invoke the energies of the new and full moon and how to move through each period with more grace.

Here is a list of 10 things to reference during the next moon cycle:


New Moon Period Tips:

1) Stay in for an evening and make a sacred space for yourself. What makes you feel at home? You can draw a warm bath and add some sea salt with softening Rose essential oil or balancing Lavender essential oil, journal about your intention for the coming weeks, read a book with cozy socks on, do a facial steam with gentle herbs like calendula or chamomile (great for skin and also deepening of the breath), catch up on your sleep, or even make tea and watch a film.

2) Go to the ocean and observe the spring tides. With each ebb and flow, allow yourself to deepen your breath and simply observe. It’s a deeply humbling and meditative experience to observe the vastness of the ocean. The Osa Peninsula is one of the best places in the country for this ritual.

watch the ocean to learn from the tides

3) Clean. Yes, clean. Clean your space whether that is your bedroom, bathroom, or car. Our outer space is a direct reflection of our internal space. Life always happens, messes happen. But don’t let it sit for too long. An unbelievable sense of renewal will wash over you once your sacred space has been organized and cleaned. Do a thorough job and be sure to get into corners where stagnation tends to linger.

4) If you have a partner, spend time with them just being. This is the time to lie around and relish in the presence of one another. Just be.

5) In regards to yoga, restorative and power are your best bet right now. Restorative yoga will hold the space to relinquish what no longer serves you and to gather up energy to move forward with your positive intentions for the month. Power yoga will ignite your third chakra (manipura) and help you take control to manifest your new intentions.

Remember, the New Moon is associated with beginnings, birth, and renewal. These tips will help you come closer to renewing your energy and birthing new intentions.

Full Moon Period Tips:

learn from the tides Full moon

1) If you feel a positive heightening of emotions then go out and get loose. Go to the local bar or club and have a few cocktails or go out to see live music and DANCE!

2) If you feel a swell of heightened emotions, take it easy. Create a sacred space where you can truly let it all go and feel supported. The action known as crying is constantly suppressed in society, but it can be our deepest healer. Allow yourself to surrender. The moon is pulling all the excess water out of you, let it flow.

3) Seize the moonlit evening and stay outside! Stroll the beach, make a bonfire, lay under the moon and stars, go swimming in the nude…soak up this divine light.

4) Journal. The Full Moon affects every human differently. Some will notice they feel that they are harvesting the fruits of their labor from the whole month and others will feel emotionally overwhelmed or drained. Journal and notice how this moon affects you. This will become a great tool for understanding how to plan for future moon cycles.

5) Stay grounded. Try doing yoga asanas like ‘supported bridge’ or maybe do a powerful standing pose like ‘tree’ on the ocean. Get your feet into the earth and ground your body down.

Remember, the Full Moon is a time to harness an abundance of energy and utilize it for your personal goals. These tips will help you come closer to harvesting the fruits of your daily work and discipline.

It is very important to keep in mind that we all are affected by the New Moon and Full Moon in very different ways. These tips are based on generalizations but will surely help you whenever you are feeling the need to check in internally or send your energy outward.

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