There is often a lot of mystery surrounding Tantric practice. There is also a lot of curiosity about the Tantric ways. In the Yoga Teacher Trainings, I extensively share my knowledge and customized yoga sequences with teachers to help them bring transformation into other’s lives.

The Way to Tantra is one of my signature workshops. If you’re wondering what exactly what Tantra is all about, this post is for you.

The Way to Tantra Explained

What is Tantra?

First and foremost, I am here to tell you that Tantra is not all about sex.

Tantra Yoga is an ancient practice that powerfully combines asana, mantra, mudra, and bandha (energy lock), and chakra (energy center) work that you can use to build strength and clarity in your everyday life.

Tantra is a collection of techniques for achieving liberation or enlightenment. Tantra is a system that facilitates building knowledge and wisdom and shows that every element in this world is connected.

In Tantra, chakras are viewed as spinning wheels of energy in the body and as storehouses of experiences and memories. When the chakras are balanced—meaning they’re not over—or underactive, a Tantra practitioner can experience clarity, access power, and feel more joyful, fearless, and free.

The word “tantra” comes from a Sanskrit root that means “to weave or extend.” Tantra began to blossom within both Buddhism and Hinduism around A.D. 500, reaching its fullest development about five hundred years later.

The practice of weaving is continuous. We are continuously working to expand our consciousness and awareness. As we gain this new awareness, the practices of Tantra teach us how to weave this back into our life.

The goal of tantra is:

1. For all of us to achieve the goal of life.
2. To live fearlessly and become limitless.
3. To achieve freedom from pain and suffering, and live in perpetual happiness.

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The Body In Tantra

In the Hindu Tantric view, the world arises from the union of the divine male (Shiva) and the divine female (Shakti), with Shiva providing the source and Shakti providing the energy that brings everything together. The Tantric tradition shows great respect for female divinities.

In Tantra, the body is seen as a whole universe; the divine female energy is present in the individual person as kundalini, the serpent energy that coils at the base of the spine. Much of Tantric practice centers on awakening and channeling this energy through various practices of different nature.

Tantra considers being fully present in one’s body the desired outcome.

As our awareness systematically penetrates the chakras, we are able to understand our inner world. As awareness of the inner world dawns, the obstacles facing us in the outer world dissipate.

Simply put, the practices of Tantra make our life easier and more fulfilling. As we delve deeper into the practice of Tantra, the obstacles of life no longer afflict us.

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Yogi Aaron’s Signature Class

Aaron’s signature class, The Way To Tantra, will give you the opportunity to explore the many practices Tantra Yoga has to offer. According to the tradition, you will learn how to move inward and how to access your infinite self effortlessly.

Students will be introduced to the potential and power of the yoga poses, and feel their sublime effects. This session will not only take your practice to a new place of experience and knowledge, but you will also be able to develop and strengthen your power of determination and courage.

Aaron will take you on an exploration of the different aspects of Tantra – the science and applications of mantra (sound), Kundalini/Shakti (the creative energy we all hold), in-depth practices to awaken your chakras, and Kriya.

“Tantra helps you ascend to greater and greater heights, while leading you to your own unique version of self-mastery, transforming your vision of yourself, your practice, and your capacity in the world.”