18 exercises that will turn you back to 18

Have you got 20 minutes for

  • a full-body workout
  • that will tone your body and
  • help you lose weight?

That’s right, 20 minutes is all I ask of you! No weights or funny equipment. The on-point Yogi Aaron’s No Equipment Fat Burn Workout uses your bodyweight in an intelligent way, while following a simple and effective HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) strategy.

And, most importantly, there are no hidden conditions: no extra time will be wasted on getting ready to go to the gym, or on driving your life away in traffic.

This is a pure 20-minute workout you can fit into your busy daily routine, and get all the benefits of thorough whole-body training.

 “Are 20 minutes enough?”

More than enough.

The science behind HIIT workouts combines High Intensity with Interval Training, providing you all the benefits of both weight and cardio workouts. This results in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Commonly known as ‘afterburn’, EPOC leads to a metabolism boost for even 48 hours after the HIIT workout!

So your 20 minutes of muscle building will help you lose weight in the meantime until next day’s 20-minute workout!

As you understand, I am proposing a total lifestyle shift, which only involves a 20-minute dedication in your daily routine!


“Where do I sign up?”

At your home, in your garden, at the local park, or on the beach!

You just need to find some free space and shadow the video demonstrations!

The video advises you to go full-on for 30 seconds and then recover for 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.

Have in mind that, with time, you want to extend the ratio to 60 seconds work and 10 seconds recovery!


These are the strength-building and health-reviving exercises that will help you shed away all unwanted weight:

  1. Ground Zero Jump

 A magical stationary exercise, which will help you burn calories throughout the program. It’s an awesome alternative to jumping exercises, as it has all their explosive qualities without straining your joints.

2. Side to Side Squats

 Get your groove on! Work your glutes, quads, hamstrings and core, while having some fun with it. Don’t forget to wear your smile!…

3. Skate Jump

 Keep your back straight and your chest open, aim for maximum height and distance, and swing all the unwanted weight away! Isn’t this fun?

4. Blast Off Pushups

These will get your metabolism to instantly blast off! Engage the knees and hips, without adding pressure on your lower back, for increased hip mobility! This works both the lower body and the core, and crushes calories!

5. In and Out Squats

 Build your leg muscles, while maintaining the explosive movement that ensures fat burn and keeps your heart rate high. Remember not to compromise the posture of your upper body, and never bring the kneecaps further in front than the feet!

6. Runners

Keep your arms firm and your hips square! Flexibility will not be an issue after you practise these a few times, just bear with it! And make sure to enjoy each repetition!


7. Burpees

Another full-body strengthening exercise! Fly up high for the quads, glutes, hamstrings and abs to get 100%, and go down low for the arms, chest and again the abs to benefit!

8. Bucking Hops

After the Burpees, your feet should feel like lead! So let’s get them off the ground! This claims to be the best cardio exercise for your core, so move mindfully, engaging the whole body! 

9. Isometric Towel Rows

 Give these bad boys a try: they seem easy, but looks can be deceiving! Back muscles, hip muscles, glutes and biceps will be called to the rescue, as you’ll be resisting the towel’s force to change your position.

10. Repeat on the Other Side

Challenge yourself on the other side – balance is ever-important!

11. Skipping Lunges

Make sure to jump up with explosive motions, getting both feet off the ground and switching arms and legs in mid-air! And get your geometry right: you want to be finding those 90-degree angles!

12. Frog Pushups

Now that you’re warm, check your flexibility once more! Keep your arms straight and use core and leg strength to channel all the power Mother Nature has blessed you with!


13. Bear Crawl

Since we are channelling Mother Nature, find your inner bear, strong and sturdy, and crawl your way to the best version of your body and health.

14. Pulse Lunges

Get back up on your feet and focus on those quadriceps! In the meantime, the whole lower body and core will get to become stronger and more toned.

15. Repeat on the Other Side

You’re almost done: so keep your back straight, your chest lifted, and finish off what you started!

16. Monkey Lunges

Concentrate on your last lunges of the workout, and literally work your butt off! Don’t lose your awareness on the core – every exercise is a whole-body exercise!

17. Squat Walks

Besides the obvious benefits, Squat Walks are increasing your ankle strength, your stamina, and the flexibility of the whole body. With only a couple of minutes left, you should be giving it your 200% right now!

18. Squat Pulse

Finish off by taking squats to the next level! Squat Pulses target all large muscle groups of the lower body, and they help maintain the cardio aspect of the workout that will sculpt your body into a masterpiece.


“Show me the video!”

If you haven’t watched it yet, click here and get on with your new way of life: https://youtu.be/syZBIdBAvqw

This simple and effective workout will challenge you at first. Don’t get discouraged, and work your way to the full expression of the exercises!

You are closer to perfect fitness than you think!…