There is a lot of talk in the world today, in politics, in the world, in concern with the accumulation of wealth and this idea of abundance. I know it’s a hot topic for a lot of people, especially when you start talking about money and abundance.

The key to unlocking abundance is through gratitude.

Learning to live with more gratitude in our lives opens up the door to infinite abundance.

When you are grateful and appreciative you stop worrying to try to get more “stuff” or more “things”.

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Gratitude helps up to get over our obsession to have more stuff or be attached to things, or trying to cling to things.

Living With More Gratitude Leads to LESS Stress

When we are living in gratitude we are not so worried about that. We start to live our life more freely and more in the moment.

I invite you to become aware of practicing gratitude more in your life.

Ask yourself: “How can I practice more gratitude on a day-to-day basis?”

For me personally, saying prayers of gratitude helps me stay grounded to who I am, what my purpose is and what my path is.

I noticed that when I am not in gratitude, I am in fear. And when I am in fear I start to do some really crazy things.

I start to worry a lot, I start to get stressed out, and my energy goes to that.

When I am living in gratitude my energy goes towards fulfilling the purpose of my life, it goes towards my yoga practice, it goes towards taking better care of myself, it goes towards nurturing my students, and my team at Blue Osa.

See how you can practice more gratitude in your life.

Practicing More Gratitude is not an easy.

I asked my students during a recent yoga teacher training. It was about doing this practice of expressing gratitude and saying “thank you” to six people around Blue Osa. And no one did it.

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Expressing gratitude leads to living a more humble life. There’s a beautiful passage in the scriptures that says “Blessed are the humble, as they will inherit the Earth”.

Humility is just to appreciate in a profound way all the richness and all of the abundance that is already present in our life.

And when we start to tune into that abundance that is infinite and ever-present, always there, we know that we’re never going to be without.

And when we know we’re never going to be without we have no more fear. 

And without fear, we don’t have stress, or worry, and we truly can energize ourselves towards our greater purpose in life.

Commit to doing the practice of gratitude and saying “thank you” to people, through prayer, through devotion.

Learn more about Yogi Aaron and his thoughts on gratitude in his recently published autobiography!

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