I am incredibly honored to have an article that was published in Yoga International and is receiving some thought-provoking responses. One of the best parts about writing for various online magazines is the discussions that result. I wanted to take a moment today to share with you a few of these insightful comments:

Sonia: “Thanks! I just came back from my family holidays, where a lot of people felt like we (my husband and me) should provide them with comfort and rest. I felt it was very unfair but, at the same time, I felt like something in my attitude was making me unable to overcome it. Now I got it, I was so busy feeling bad that I missed out on feeling grateful for all that was good.”

Susan: “I loved this article – it was such a gift. In its simplicity, it expressed the depth of our souls ability to awaken us. Gratitude is the gift to all riches and your words enriched me and deepened my expression of gratitude. Thank you for having the courage to share your disappointment in your students. Yoga is becoming more and more like exercise and less and less about our awakening. I am extremely grateful for this article and your voice. And thank you to Yoga International for being a vehicle for all of us.”

Patricia: “So true! Grateful for this gratitude reminder ❤️❤️ I remember seeing once on TV super model Giselle Bünchen saying: “you want to know the real secret to success? Gratitude!” And i found it curious that a model would say that and really mean it. It’s so true. The more we appreciate, the more we give back, the more open we become, the more we receive. We become huge containers for all of our experience.”

I’m so grateful that my article has resonated with so many people and facilitated deeper contemplation. If you would like to read the article for yourself, here is a sneak peek. Of course, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!

A Single Practice To Change Your World:

Ready to change the world? I believe I know how—and it’s simple.


Yes, gratitude. That’s it! Practice gratitude daily.

Of course, this is not easy. To commit to any spiritual practice (and gratitude is a spiritual practice) requires conscious determination.

Yet the rewards of practicing gratitude on a daily basis are staggering.

I believe that if we all made a constant effort to practice gratitude, organizations and people with malicious intent would become irrelevant and begin to disappear.

Here is why…

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