Want to burn calories fast and get the body you want? This easy and fast HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout will do just that. All you need is a set of dumbells and away you go. Gey you sweat on for 40 minutes!

The 7 Most Well-rounded Dumbbell Exercises: Hop Your Way to Your Best Body

Somewhere along the way, we’ve managed to lose the point.

All these un-necessary ‘workout necessities’ have been invented. All these complicated exaggerations…

Every new generation is more and more un-impressed, un-fit and un-healthy.

The WEIGHT Yogi Aaron Workout is here to take you back in time: back to simplicity. With one set of dumbbells, a jump rope, and 40 minutes at your disposal, get ready to shed all excess fat and gain some muscle!


The Secret.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the scientific innovation that will get you to your goal faster than you ever dreamt of.

With this workout, for every 35 seconds of work, you get a 20-second break! This gives you enough recovery time to build muscle while retaining an elevated heart rate.

In this way, you can burn fat while forgetting about the treadmill! Cardio exercise consists of large muscle movement for a sustained period of time, with the heart rate maintained at over 50% of its maximum level. The WEIGHT Yogi Aaron Workout thus satisfies the American College of Sports Medicine prescription of “at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on an almost daily basis”.

As an indication, throughout your workout, you should be sweating, while being at that perfect midpoint between resting and gasping for air!

The Workout.

As the title gives away, there are only 7 dumbbell exercises to be performed!

You will be doing

– 4 sets of each exercise and completing the round with

– 2 minutes of jumping up and down before you

– move on to the next exercise!

So here is what each round looks like:

  • 0:00-0:35: First Set of the exercise (remember, each set is only 35 seconds!)
  • 0:35-0:55: Recover (remember, each break is only 20 seconds!)
  • 0:55-1:30: Second Set of the same exercise
  • 1:30-1:50: Recover
  • 1:50-2:25: Third Set of the same exercise
  • 2:25-2:45: Recover
  • 2:45-3:20: Last Set (you guessed that right:) of the same exercise
  • 3:20-3:40: Recover
  • 3:40-5:40: Skipping (i.e. two minutes where you channel the child inside you!)
  • 5:40-6:00: Recover
  • Start the next exercise from 0:00!


And here is why these 7 simple exercises perfectly complement each other, and quickly sculpt your body into a masterpiece:

  1. Squat and Press

Build mobility, stability and strength with a single comprehensive exercise! By performing Squat and Press, as demonstrated in the video, our whole body instantly wakes up, and we get to create the desired anabolic environment that allows for muscle build-up throughout the rest of the workout!

  1. 1 Skipping

After your four sets of Squat and Press, skipping will uphold full-body engagement. The abs are called to stabilise the body, the legs for jumping, and the shoulders and arms turn the rope.

  1. Bench Press

You then get to lie down on your back and concentrate on the upper body. Bench Presses are another compound exercise, as they don’t merely strengthen the pectoralis major muscles of the chest. The deltoids and triceps act as synergists, while other muscles also help complete each movement!

2.1 Skipping

Did you know that skipping helps improve heart rate and blood pressure?

  1. Full Crunches

Be mindful of your whole body once more. Your core will feel these! Full Crunches mould your upper and lower abdominal muscles, while strengthening your lower back! Who would have known that you could be this productive while (almost) lying on your back?

3.1 Skipping

Don’t skip the skipping… Your coordination, balance, and flexibility will be thanking you later…

  1. Renegade Row

The midpoint of the workout is always the most challenging! As you keep your torso steady, these bad boys will truly bring your core strength to a new level, while pinpointing numerous back muscles (the trapezius, the lats, the teres major, the teres minor, the rhomboids…) Not to mention all the bicep, forearm, and shoulder work!

4.1 Skipping

Most people enjoy skipping, and, even if you don’t, know that such weightbearing exercises improve bone density and kick osteoporosis in the butt!

  1. Biceps

As an active rest after all you’ve been through, do four 35-second sets ofDumbbell Curls. Don’t compromise your posture, however! Remember that, throughout the entire workout, your whole body is transforming!

5.1 Skipping

At this point, you are completing 10 minutes of skipping! According to the British Rope Skipping Association, the benefits you get in this way are equivalent to those of a 45-minute run!

  1. Arnold Press

The beast of shoulder exercises! Arnold Presses will improve the mobility, stability and strength of your entire shoulder, while also empowering the front deltoids. Again, don’t forget about the rest of the body! (Slightly bent knees are always a good idea.)

6.1 Skipping

Give it your all as you reach towards the end of the workout! Skipping is less jolting on the joints than running; what’s your excuse?

  1. Kettlebell and Swing

Finish up by working on a crazy amount of muscles: your core, your shoulders, your back, your glutes, your quads, your hamstrings… If you do not own a kettlebell, you can always use your dumbbell!

7.1 Skipping

Cool it off with your new favorite exercise! The skipping session helps improve muscle tone in both the lower and upper body!


How High can you Fly?

It’s free, simple, quick, and fun!

All you have to do is keep up this workout for a while, and you’ll soon get to that ideal body you’ve been dreaming about! But most importantly, you’ll attain perfect fitness and health!

Try it now, thank me later: https://youtu.be/W0GmMw6gQic