In the crazy world we live in, we really need to start simplifying our lives. We need to grasp the meaning and power of “Less is More”. And, most importantly, we need to let go of everything we don’t need.

Working out is something we need. The benefits on our health, mood, and life in general, are undeniable. Spending three hours every time we decide to work out is something we don’t need. And that’s how long it takes most of us to:

  1. Talk ourselves into going
  2. Prepare our gym bag
  3. Drive in traffic
  4. Enter the gym
  5. Change at the lockers
  6. Work out (and queue for exercises)
  7. Change at the lockers
  8. Leave the gym
  9. Drive in traffic
  10. Get settled back home…

Shift Your Mindset

Let’s change that.

I’m proposing 4 effective full-body workouts that last from 20 to 40 minutes and liberate you from all this fuss.

And there’s no catch! All you’ll be doing is:

1. Working out.

Anywhere you are, throw on your workout gear and sweat your old body away!



Going back to simplicity comes with another great convenience: There’s no need for all this exaggerated equipment that overcomplicates everything!

Use less effort on understanding the exercises and more on actually doing them! And gain full-body benefits from these 4 independent workouts, which all intensify your strength and annihilate your fat!

“How so?” I hear you asking.

Two principles help make these routines

  • effective in making you fit and
  • efficient in demolishing excess weight:


2. HIIT: Cardio and Muscle Gains

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the science that will get you to your dream body faster and easier than you ever dreamt.

It consists of intense bursts of physical activity for short periods of time. In between the sets, you get enough recovery time to keep going, but your heart rate never gets to drop below 50% its maximum level.

As an indication, throughout your workout, you should be moderately sweating, and having some trouble talking, but not so much as not to be able to finish a sentence!

On the one hand, this grants HIIT workouts all the benefits of a cardio workout. You crush calories, and the resulting metabolism boost lasts for up to 48 hours after the workout! In this way, your body will be shedding fat, not only during the exercises, but also later, while you are resting!

On the other hand, you get to tone your body and increase muscle mass! Similarly to weight training, the recovery time nourishes your muscles, while the overall short period of each workout nurtures your whole body, without depleting its muscle resources.


3. Bodyweight Training: Natural and Challenging

All 4 workouts are setting against your own bodyweight. Indeed,

  • 2 out of the 4 can be completed without any equipment
  • 1 uses the science of the TRX to actually vary your bodyweight
  • And, even with the Weight Workout, you are rarely asked to isolate a muscle group: you are using the dumbbells as an accessory to fortify the full-body exercises!

Bodyweight Training works! People were fit (arguably much more than our generation) long before the current idea of a gym was conceived.

This most natural way to work out decreases the risk of injury, and helps you understand accurately the beautiful mechanism that is your body. This means that you get to understand how the exercises work, and modify them according to your own capacity and needs.

Moreover, all fitness levels find these exercises challenging. And apart from building up strength in the whole body, bodyweight movements improve endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility!



A Quick Overview of the Workouts

It all comes together through exquisite sequences that inspire your body, rather than torturing it!

1. Outdoors Workout

These 18 one-minute exercises are ideal for you when you only have 20 minutes to spare and you are in need of a full-body shocker. There’s no equipment or distractions involved, so all you need to do is be present!

Strength, agility, and weight-loss are only a few of the benefits – you’ll get to see how the best things come in small packages

Try it out:



2. Beach Workout

You don’t need a beach per se; it’s enough to visualize yourself at one!

Again, all you need is yourself and some free space! This is a 10-minute-round circuit, so invest 20 or 30 minutes for 2 or 3 holistic sets!

It is super explosive, and it thus blasts off gains and destroys fat!

Try it out:



3. TRX Workout

Invented by a former US Navy SEAL, the TRX (short for Total-body Resistance eXercise) uses your bodyweight and gravity to transform every exercise into a challenge for the core.

Anchor the TRX straps to a secure spot, and suspend in that midline between your past and future ideas of Health!

Do two or three 11-minute full-body-sculpting rounds and add some skipping in between.


Try it out:



4. Weights Workout

Skipping? Did someone say skipping?

Try these 6 simple HIIT dumbbell exercises to get a total 40-minute workout!

And you’ll have fun jumping your worries up and down and away, as you’ll have the jumping rope provide all the cardio, flexibility, coordination and balance you will ever need!

Try it out:



Combine the Workouts and Change Your Lifestyle

Finding the perfect state of Health and Fitness is a question of consistency! Once you commit to that shift in your routine, you’ll be impressed by the improvements you’ll be witnessing at every aspect of your life.

You’ve read the general ideas behind each workout. You can also find further information about each workout on the 4 individual video-specific articles in my Blog.

See what fits your timetable and needs, try them out, and invest on one, two, three, or all four of the videos for a long period of time.

It’s quality, not quantity! Stick with one workout per day and allow for a couple of days of rest every week. Once your body adapts to a workout (i.e. once the workout gets easier, after practising for several weeks, and it loses the shock factor on your body), change up your routine by

  • introducing another of the workouts
  • adding a round or two to a workout
  • looking for more difficult variations of the exercises…

You can read plenty of relevant suggestions in the 4 video-specific articles in my Blog, and you’ll also be proud to find out that you, too, will have the competence to take the right decisions for your body, thanks to the awareness these workouts reinforce!

The world is your oyster. Let today be the first day of the rest of your life: